Cortometraggi – 14ª edizione agosto 2016

Martedì 23 agosto / August, 23, Tuesday 
Chiostro di San Benedetto / St. Benedict Cloister

h.21.30 Cortometraggi in concorso / Short Film Competition
Electrofly by Natalia C. A. Freitas, dur. 2’45, 2015, Germany
The Predators of Transylvania by Julia Kolenakova , dur. 6’25, 2014, Slovakia
Life Smartphone by Xie Chenglin, dur. 2’48, 2015, China
The one who tamed clouds by Nicolas Bianco-Levrin, dur. 4’30, 2015, France
The Hole by Bart Wasem, dur.1’57, 2015, Switzerland
13:58 to Falmouth Town by Megan Yaxley, dur.1’37, 2015, United Kingdom
Little Barber Shop Of Horrors by Fry J. Apocaloso, dur.7’20, 2015, Italy
Star Taxi by Juraj Krumpolec, dur.14’30, 2015, Slovakia
Hootchu by Jung Hyun Kim, dur. 00’38, 2015, Republic of Korea
In Other Words by Tal Cantor, dur. 5’55, 2016, Israel

Mercoledì 24 agosto / Wednesday August, 24
Chiostro di San Benedetto / St. Benedict Cloister

h.21.30 Cortometraggi in concorso / Short Film Competition
Nino & Felix by Lorenzo Latrofa, Marta Palazzo, dur. 8’11, 2015, Italy
Anna O by Rotem Yarakchi, dur. 5’17, 2014, Israel
Spring Rain by Po-Chou Chi, dur. 3’30, 2016, Taiwan
ed by Taha Neyestani, dur.3’50, 2016, Canada
Little Thing by Or Kan Tor, dur. 5’, 2016, Israel
wHole by Verena Klinger, Robert Banning, dur. 8’06, 2014, Germany
Nina by Emmanuel Elliah, Maria Körkel, dur. 8’14, 2015, Belgium
Velodrool by Sander Joon, due. 6’11, 2015, Estonia
Sailor’s Yarn by Julia Munz, Claudia Wirth, dur.5’44, 2015, Switzerland
A Man Called Man by Guy Charnaux, dur. 3’33, 2015, Brazil

Giovedì 25 agosto / 25, Tuesday
Chiostro di San Benedetto / St. Benedict Cloister

h.21.30 Cortometraggi in concorso / Short Film Competition
The Fan by Fatemeh Sohani, dur. 6’53, 2014, Iran
Shudo by To-Anh Bach, Charles Badiller, Hugo Weiss, dur. 1’30, 2015, France
Le Constructeur de Malheur by Philipp Gratzer, Kristin Müller, Manuel Preuß, Peter Affenzeller, dur. 9’01, 2015, Austria
The Orchestra by Mikey Hill, dur. 15’, 2015, Australia
Ci furono Santi by Pietro Elisei, dur. 4’, 2015, Italy
Fulfilament by Rhiannon Evans , dur. 7’33, 2015, United Kingdom
Last Shot by Aemilia Widodo, dur. 2’36, 2016, USA
The Last Day of a Condemned by P. Bayssat , S. Dhorne , E.Molinier , E. Phuong , I. Piolat, dur. 2’15, 2015, France
Perched by Liam Harris, dur. 10’, 2016, United Kingdom
The Little Shoemaker by G.Alais, T.Bonvard, C. Carlier, R. Cislo, Pierre-Yves Lefebvre, P.L, B.Mariotte, K. Nawfal, dur. 5’32, 2015, France

Venerdì 26 agosto / August, 26, Friday
Chiostro di San Benedetto / St. Benedict Cloister

h.21.30 Cortometraggi in concorso / Short Film Competition
A Sweet Dream by Tooba Rezaei, dur. 4’09, 2016, USA
Saturday Evening by Šimon Mészáros, dur. 9’20, 2015, Czech Republic
Planet Unknown by Shawn Wang (Zixiao Wang), dur. 9’21, 2016, China
Welcome to Paradise by Alex Baró Cayetano, dur. 2’55, 2016, United Kingdom
Chimère by Clément Holvoet, dur. 11’, 2015, France
Islander’s Rest by Claudius Gentinetta, Frank Braun, dur.18’, 2015, Switzerland
Dalila by Magda Guidi, dur. 5’, 2015, Italy
Entre les lignes by Emmanuelle Remy, Christelle Alion, Tom Casacoli Nolwenn Eve, Lorenn Le Bec, dur. 5’19, 2015, French
The Steinway by Massimo Ottoni, dur. 17’28, 2016,Italy
Flirt by Samuel Mariani, dur. 2’40, 2015, Brazil
T by Riccardo Chiara, Cecilia Petrucci, Alvise Zennaro, dur. 7’52, 2016, Italy

Sabato 27 agosto / August 27, 2016
Chiostro di San Benedetto / St. Benedict Cloister

h.21.30 – Cortometraggi in concorso / Short Film Competition
Immersione by Alice Gaffo, Ambra Arioli, Francesca Falasca, dur. 5’, 2015, Italy
My Stuffed Granny by Effie Pappa, dur. 10’10, 2014, United Kingdom
Karouma by Boubaker Boukhari, dur. 12’, 2015, United Arab Emirates
Post by Andrew Scott, Laura MacMahon, Adam Balson, dur. 4’52, 2015, United Kingdom
Arzena Velenifera by Ludovica Ottaviani, Anna Sireci, Maria Testa, dur.5’05, 2016, Italy
Armenian Papers by Ornella Macchia, dur. 6’33, 2015, Belgium
Merlot by Marta Gennari, Giulia Martinelli, dur. 5’40, 2016, Italy
Amore d’inverno by Isabel Herguera, dur. 7’44, 2015, Italy-Spain
CAGE by Pengpeng Du, dur. 4’26, 2016, USA
Edmond by Nina Gantz, dur. 9’22, 2015, United Kingdom
Waves ’98 by Ely Dagher, dur. 15’, 2015, Libano
The Head Vanishes by Franck Dion, dur. 9’30, 2016, France