International 2021

Dat’s real good?

On 23 February 2005, the radio announced a law project about the benefts of French colonisation. This announcement disrupted the daily life of Louise and her family. Her house turns out to be inhabited by strange presences.

Title: Dat’s real good ?
Running time: 4min22
Techniques: oil painting, digital
Writter & director: Marc Faye

Graphic author:
Thibaut Bouedjoro
Sound design:Thomas Gallet
Actors: Nicolas Gonzales, Selina Casati
Color: Cloé Besnard, Adele Hérisson
Marc Faye
Compositing: Noemie Besombes, Julien Delwaulle, Marc Faye, Julien Rougier
Mix: Ekla productions, Pascal Bricard

Productor: Novanima Productions, Marc Faye Alienor Pauly Magali Heriat Julien Rougier Sacha Mirski Noemie Besombes
Distribution: Novanima productions