Special Kids Program 2021

Les Mal-Aimés

Tuesday 24th August | Piazzetta Sturzo | h.22: 30

Les Mal-Aimés by Hélène Ducrocq (40 ‘/ France / 2020 – Produced by Citron Bien)
Our planet is teeming with life and we have a duty to protect it. But can this safeguard exist or be effective even when we ignore the role and functioning of most of the species, or rather, of those that most frighten us? This program of 4 short films shows with sweetness and tenderness the universe of some of these “unloved” animals to which stories and legends or simply prejudices have unfortunately given a bad name.

LUPIN (11 ‘/ 2020 / cut-out)
A young wolf ventures out of his lair for the first time without his mother’s knowledge. Lost, frightened, he finds refuge in a village garden. Jeanne, Gaston and Louis, the children of the hunters, discover it and decide to bring it back home.

HOW I OVERCOME MY FEAR OF SPIDERS (9 ‘/ 2020 / 2D animation)
Are you afraid of spiders? Because Dédalia is afraid of humans! She is a house spider. With her best friend, they dream of going to New York … not easy for Dédalia: New York is full of humans!

MARAUDE & MURPHY (8 ‘/ 2020 / cut-out, 2D)
Maraud gets lost in the storm, Murphy comes out of his cave to help him find his home and munch on mosquitoes … A normal night for two bats!

LAND OF EARTHWORM (8 ‘/ 2019 / 2D)
Do you know what earthworms sing? Why, yes, they sing. Put your ear to the grass and listen! “All naked, all sticky, all crawling / Legless, clawless and toothless / We dig without malice for your benefit / At your service and without artifice / We are earthworms, friends and solidarity!”