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Canepa + Sburelin + Ceccoli – exhibitions

Barbara Canepa, Glenda Sburelin and Nicoletta Ceccoli protagonists of a exhibition during the Imaginaria festival in Conversano from 21 to 25 August.

Barbara Canepa is an Italian cartoonist and illustrator. In 1996 he made his debut for the Walt Disney Company Italy as an illustrator of books and periodicals. From the following year he began working with the magazine “La Sirenetta” with some short stories and covers. Since 2001, together with Alessandro Barbucci, he has collaborated on the realization of the character design of the W.I.T.C.H. series, which is extremely successful. Later he created, always paired with Alessandro Barbucci, the Disney Monster Allergy series. He also works in France, for the publisher Soleil, where together with Alessandro Barbucci in 2004 he created the comic series Sky Doll. A few years later, again for the same publishing house, he runs the Métamorphose series, which sees the publication of the series she created together with Anna Merli END. The first volume, End – Elisabeth, was published in Italy by the Publishing House BAO Publishing. The same Publishing House, in 2014, publishes Sky Doll Decade, the collection of the three volumes with the addition of unpublished material. 2016 is the year of the fourth, highly anticipated episode of the series, Sky Doll – Sudra. Always published by BAO Publishing, the volume is followed a short distance from the repetition of the three historical, single books.

Surreal characters and fantastic worlds, the tables by Glenda Sburelin. His drawings become protagonists of fairy tales and stories for children. Funny and colorful characters: for Glenda fantasy has no limits. His canvases represent a “dive” in an unknown and surprising dimension, a world made up of hanging houses, magical little girls and delightful little animals. Observing his creations it seems to fly and get lost in a parallel universe where the dream reigns supreme.
Glenda Sburelin was born in Pordenone and collaborates with several publishing houses for children. he has carried out studies in advertising graphics and photography. The passion for drawing brings her closer to the world of editorial illustration for children, counting about forty publications with Italian, European and non-European publishers.
At the same time he also cultivates a keen interest in artistic research, using various techniques ranging from painting, to ceramics, to resin. In addition to the numerous Exhibitions of Illustration, he has exhibited in Rassegne and Personal of Contemporary Art in Italy and abroad and in Collective of artist’s books.
The most significant Exhibitions of illustration include the “Exhibition illustrators of the Bologna Children’s Book Fair”, the Portuguese Biennale “Ilustrarte3” and “Ilustrarte4”, “Le Immagini della Fantasia” International Exhibition of Illustration by Sarmede (IT).
In 2009 he was selected at the “8th IBBY Regional Conference” of the Northwestern University of Chicago, which included it among the 23 best illustrators of the “Mostra illustratori 2009” of the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, the following year will be the magazine “dpi” ad count it among the 12 best illustrators of the Bolognese kermesse, exposing his works in two exhibitions in Taiwan: “In Fingers, Extra Space” (Creative Park for the Taipei Toy Festival, Taipei) and “Imaginary Fairy Wonderland – dpi International Group Exhibition” (Kaohsiung City).
In 2012, the Centro Iniziative Culturali Casa A. Zanussi of Pordenone acquired some of his works for the “Concordia 7 Collection”, after the 2010 exhibition at the exhibition “Sentieri illustrati”.
Among the most significant personal exhibitions we remember “of skin and water” by the cultural association “la roggia” at the Batthyány Castle of Körmend (Hungary) in 2017 and the Exhibition curated by Viive Noor at the Illustration Gallery of Tallinn ( Estonia) in 2018.

Nicoletta Ceccoli. Each of his works tells a story, the story of strong girls, almost women, who express their personality through bizarre situations and gestures. The ephemeral game, the dangerous game, the sensual game. The delicate colors and the atmospheres of his paintings are blurred by a veil of melancholy and restlessness, which makes them even more fascinating. Dream and disenchantment, innocence and malice, contradictions come to life in all respects. The looks of its protagonists are hypnotic and, at times, they seem to read inside. Leafing through the pictures of his paintings I realize that they have an effect of “addiction” on me, I would never stop observing them, their intensity grips me at the screen.
Nicoletta Ceccoli was born in the Republic of San Marino on March 17, 1973. She graduated in the animation film section at the Art Institute of Urbino. She began to devote herself to illustration after having been selected at the exhibition of illustrators of the Bologna International Book Fair in 1995, she exhibited her from 2000 to 2004 consecutively. His work has been present in these years also at the international exhibition ‘images of the imagination of Sarmede.
In 2001 he made a personal exhibition at the Otto gallery in Bologna. Since 1997 he has made the first illustrated books with Italian publishers Fatatrac and Arka. In 2001 he illustrated ‘forest root labyrinth’ by Italo Calvino for the publisher Mondadori. Immediately after’Pinocchio ‘always with Mondadori. In 2001 he won the Andersen award for best illustrator. In recent years, he has worked mainly with British and American foreign publishers. With the English publisher Barefoot has illustrated 6 titles including the classic ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. In 2005 the original illustrations of the book ‘village of basketeers’ published with Houghton Mifflin of Boston were exhibited at the Society of Illustrators original show.
For the Republic of San Marino has made four series of stamps dedicated to: the rights of childhood, Christmas, the circus, puppets, the Olympics.
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