Special Program 2021


Thursday 26th August | Complex of San Benedetto – h.23.30
is a selection of short works on the border between animated and experimental cinema: from the experiments of Stan VanDerBeek, Barbara Hammer and Xander Marro to the recent music videos of Winston Hacking, Ugo Vittu and Peter The Moon passing through the dream-alchemical synthesis by Virgilio Villoresi with Vivì Ponti and the imaginative animations by Lawrence Jordan made with collages of Victorian engravings. In the collage everything seems to lead us back to a phrase from Ovid’s “The Metamorphoses”: “inspiration pushes me to tell about changed forms, in new bodies”. Hence the refutation of the tertium non datur, the immersion in the realm of free-form symbolism, of playful combinatorial creativity. An opportunity to discover, to the rhythm of collage, the “theaters of the mind” – to quote Lawrence Jordan – of these brilliant filmmakers.


  • Science Friction by Stan VanDerBeek (10’/1959)
  • Pink Swine by Lawrence Jordan  (2’56”/1963)
  • Carabosse by Lawrence Jordan (5’/1980)
  • Tourist by Barbara Hammer (2’50”/ 1984)
  • L’Eye by Xander Marro (3’/2004)
  • Fridgidaire by Virgilio Villoresi, Vivì Ponti (6’/2006)
  • Soupcans “Siamese Brutality” by Winston Hacking (2’/2015)
  • Supergombo “Alien, felines from beyond the galaxy” by  Peter the Moon & Ugo Vittu (4’12”/ 2020)