Special Kids Program 2021

Czech short films in collaboration with Národní filmový Archiv Prague

Wednesday 25 August | Piazzetta Sturzo – h.22.30

Imaginaria dedicates a special program for children and families to twentieth-century Czech animation cinema with short works by Ludvík Kadleček and Hermina Týrlová, two of the leading exponents of twentieth-century Czech animation. Týrlová, often referred to as the mother of Czech animation, has produced over 60 animated short films for children over the course of her career using puppets and the technique of stop motion animation; Kadleček, lead figure of the Zlìn animation film studio and set designer of many short films directed by Týrlová, made his debut with the film “Why is the giraffe crying? (Proč Pláče Zirafa, 1960), the first example of the use of a folding book in animated cinema and has also worked with techniques such as claymation and stop motion. The program sees the collaboration of the Národní filmový archiv (NFA) – the Czech National Film Archive – one of the 10 oldest and largest film archives in the world, whose mission is to preserve film heritage, promote public understanding and facilitate the development of the Czech audiovisual industry and film culture.


  • Why does the giraffe cry? (Proč pláče žirafa) by Ludvík Kadleček (9’, 1960)
  • Two spheres (Dvě klubíčka) by Hermína Týrlová (8’14”, 1962)
  • The glass marble (Kulička) by Hermína Týrlová (9’, 1963)
  • Mouse cats (Myší kočičiny) by Ludvík Kadleček (8’, 1987)
  • Toy tale (Autíčková romance) by Ludvík Kadleček (11’, 1990)