Special Kids Program 2021


Thursday 26th August | Piazzetta Sturzo – h.22.30 – Kids section

Imaginaria also winks at digital 3D animation by dedicating a special program for children and families to ESMA, a school of applied arts present in Montpellier, Montreal, Toulouse, Lyon and Nantes, with more than 25 years of experience and recognized in international level for the quality and richness of his artistic teaching. The school offers training in Space Design, Graphic Design and 3D Animation Cinema, as well as three preparatory years. Its mission is to prepare its students for different artistic professions so that they fully satisfy their creative desires. Six graduation shorts are on the program: six ordinary stories transformed into adventures with a comic rhythm thanks to the use of unexpected narrative and stylistic expedients. If you love chases and 3D animation, this is the program for you!


  • Sauve qui pneu by Amaury Bretnacher, Chloé Carrere, Théo Huguet, Leia Jutteau, Louis Martin, Charlie Pradeau, Mingrui Zhuang  (6’20”/2020)
  • Œil pour Œil by Thomas Boileau, Alan Guimont, Robin Courtoise, Mathieu Lecroq, Malcom Hunt, François Briantais (5’56”/2019)
  • Piston by Archaimbault Marvin, Boucaud Désir, Hugues Marc, Kupke Arnaud, Mine Hugo, Orso-manzonetta Vincent, Yang Kai (5’08”/2017)
  • La Cour by Estelle Costedoat, Antoine Engels, Julien Fradin, Florian Gourdin, Pierre-Edouard Merien, Olivier Royer (7’10”/2016)
  • Sweet Cocoon by Matéo Bernard, Matthias Bruget, Jonathan Duret, Manon Marco, Quentin Puiraveau (5’58”/ 2014)
  • Forward, March! by Pierrick Barbin, Rimelle Khayat, Loïc Le Goff, Guillaume Lenoël, Garrick Rawlingson (4’34”/2013)