Fusako Yusaki a life with Claymation

Carosello was a television program dedicated to the Reclame aired between 1957 and 1977, capable of intercepting the attention of the entire family unit and becoming a reference in the schedule.

Carosello feeds on the news and creativity and manages to tell a country that is the interpreter of a great industrial ferment to which the program responds with threads that connect the complaint to the theater, to music, to cinema, to variety.

The 42,000 Carosello broadcast are mainly shot on the sets of Cinecittà: an extraordinary archive in which it is also possible to follow the complicated relationship between stars who are reluctant to accept the lure of advertising and, on the contrary, well-disposed actors.
And in Carosello there is art.

That of Fusako Yusaki, for example, which evolves his ability to sculpt in an application of animation cinema, the claymation. His plasticine comes alive and creates magical suggestions that enchant anyone who lets himself be hypnotized by his evolutions.

As part of the Imaginaria festival on Saturday 24th August 2019 at 7 pm in the conference hall of the Conversano’s Castle, Fusako Yusaki and Franco Liuzzi will browse through pages of the history of Italian television and will focus on the incredible talent of an artist capable of inventing a new way of tell stories.