Imaginaria 2021 – Official Selection


Categoria/category: Independent Short Film – Trailer

À la mode by Jean Lecointre (8’40”/Francia/2020)  – Italian premiere
Bestia by Hugo Covarrubias (15’/Cile/2021) – Italian premiere
Dat’s real good? by Marc Faye (5’/Francia/2021)
Dog’s field by Michalina Musialik (12’/Polonia/2021)  – Italian premiere
Ecorce by Silvain Monney, Samuel Patthey (15’/ Svizzera/2020)
Hide by Daniel Gray (11’/Ungheria,Francia, Canada/2020)  – Italian premiere
Hold me tight by Mélanie Robert-Torneur (6’30”/Belgio/2021)
I gotta look good for the apocalypse by Ayce Kartal (5’/Francia-Turchia/2021)  – Italian premiere
It’s all the salt’s fault by Maria Cristina Pérez (10’/Colombia/2020)
L’Amour en plan by Claire Sichez (15’/Francia/2021)  – Italian premiere
Lolos by Marie Valade (8’/Canada/2021)
Love, Dad by Diana Cam Van Nguyen (12’46”/Repubblica Ceca/2021) – Italian premiere
Machinal by David Bombardier (5’35”/Canada/2020)
Malumore by Loris Giuseppe Nese (12’/Italia/2020)
Night Bus by Hsieh Joe (20’/Taiwan/2020)
Noir-Soleil by Marie Larrivé (20’24”/Francia/2021)  – Italian premiere
Not even a peacock by Cléo Biasini (5’44”/Francia/2020)  – Italian premiere
On time by Zbigniew Czapla (5’/Polonia/2021)
Précieux by Paul Mas (13’42”/Francia/2020)
Prince in a pastry shop by Katarzyna Agopsowicz (16’05”/Polonia /2020) – Italian premiere
Salvia at Nine by Jang Nari (6’40”/Corea/2020)   – Italian premiere
Sogni al campo by Mara Cerri, Magda Guidi (8’40”/Italia,Francia/2020)
Steakhouse by Špela Čadež (9’30”/Slovenia/Germania/Francia/2021) – Italian premiere
The Fourth Wall by Mahboobeh Kalaee (9’50”/Iran/2021)  – Italian premiere
The Hangman at home by Uri Kranot, Michelle Kranot (14’04”/Canada,Francia,Danimarca/2021)
The Swallow (S’Arrùndini) by Eleonora Gambula (8’44”/Italia/2021) – Italian premiere
The Visit by Morrie Tan (9’06”/Singapore/2021) – Italian premiere
They Dance With Their Heads by Thomas Corriveau (8’27”/Canada/2021)
Tie by Alexandra Ramires (11’/Portogallo/2020)

Categoria/category: Student Short Film – Trailer

BusLine35A by Elena Felici (5’50” /Danimarca/ 2021) – Italian premiere
Bye Little Block! by Eva Darabos  (8’42” / Ungheria/ 2020)
Chocolate by Lili Zhang (4’06”/Cina /2021) – Italian premiere
Don’t  sit back and stay quiet by Marlene Binder (2’33”/Germania/2021) – Italian premiere
Drawn undrew draw by Angel Wu (3’36”/Taiwan/2020) – Italian premiere
Drunk in Berlin by Lyza Jarviz (5’47”/Estonia/2021)  – Italian premiere
Ego Echo by Ezra Belgrado (6’55”/Belgio/2020)  – Italian premiere
Error by Lucie Vostárková (3’43”/Repubblica Ceca/2020) – Italian premiere
Eyes and Horns by Chaerin Im (6’16”/Germany,USA/2021) – Italian premiere
Favourite Daughter by Susi Haaning (7’45”/Danimarca/2020) – Italian premiere
Five minutes older by Sara Szymanska (5’57” /Polonia/2020) – Italian premiere
Fur Coats by Lucie Vostárková (4’24”/ Repubblica Ceca/2020)  – Italian premiere
Grass Room by Yiqiao Lan (5’17” / Regno Unito / 2021) – – Italian premiere
I knocked on my home’s door by Matthew Khoury (5’30”/Israele/2020) – Italian premiere
I’m here by Julia Orlik (15’/Polonia/2020)
Il mondo di sotto by Benedetta Sani (4’08”/Italia/2020)
Incognito by Júlia Lantos (7’35”/Ungheria/2020) – Italian premiere
Inside by Viktorie Stepànovà (5’40”/Repubblica Ceca / 2020) – Italian premiere
Jeijay by Petra Stipetic, Maren Wiese  (7’45”/Germania/2021) – Italian premiere
Jeroboam by Bianca Caderas (7’11”/ Germania/ 2020)  – Italian premiere
La confiture de papillons by Shih Yen Huang  (6’16”/Francia/2021)  – Italian premiere
Les Yeux Grands Ouverts by Laura Passalacqua (5’40” / Francia / 2020)  – Italian premiere
Megamall by Aline Schoch (4’ / Svizzera/ 2020)
My fat arse and I by Yelyzaneta Psysmak (10’18” / Polonia/ 2020)
Nuisibles by Juliette Laboria (6’30”/Francia / 2021) – Italian premiere
Obervogelgesang by Ferdinand Ehrhardt, Elisabeth Weinberger (6’22”/ Germania / 2020) – Italian premiere
Once upon a time in Israel by Weronika Szyma (10’44” / Polonia / 2021)  – Italian premiere
Pronta by Alessia Angelini (3’50”/ 2021/ Regno Unito)
Run for the bird song by Ingrid Pucci (3’48” / Estonia/ 2020)
Silvering by Eilidh Nicoll (5’57”/ Regno Unito / 2021) – Italian premiere
Sous les pins by Sébastien Baillou (7’ / Belgio / 2020)
Space by Zhong Xian (2’24”/Regno Unito/2020)  – Italian premiere
The Bond by Miljana Tešović  (6’30”/ Serbia / 2020)
The Frolic by Yi-Han Jhao (4’34” / Taiwan / 2020) – Italian premiere
The Sam Story by Richard Noble (9’54”/Regno Unito/2021) – Italian premiere
The things around us by Magdalena Kreps (2’45”/Germania, Regno Unito/2020) – Italian premiere
Underwater Love by Veronica Martiradonna, Andrea Falzone e Cristina Fiore (6’ / Italia /2021)
We hope you won’t need to come back by Anastazja Naumenko (10’/Polonia/ 2020)
Would you please?  by Ada Guvenir (5’ /Belgio /2020)

Categoria/category: Short Film for Kids – Children’s Film Competition – Trailer

A stone in the shoe by Eric Montchaud  (11’28” / Francia/ 2020)
Bémol by Oana Lacroix (5’47” / Svizzera / 2021)
Bonjour Monsieur by Joséphine Gobbi (4’14”/Francia/2020) – Italian Premiere
Che meraviglia! by Mira Video – Milena Tipaldo, Alessandra Atzori (1’20” / Italia / 2020)
Digestion by Annabelle Tamic, Sarah Erzen, Chloé Musa, Édouard Delfosse, Louis Lukasik (4’14”/Franca/2020)
Gonflé by Louis Chargeur (6’/Francia/ 2020)
Griffure by Julien Piau (6’ / Francia / 2021) – Italian Premiere
In Nature by Marcel Berelli (5’ / Svizzera / 2021)
Juan Viento by Carlos Farina (4’23” / Argentina / 2020)
Kiki the feather by Julie Rembauville , Nicolas Bianco-Lévrin  (5’47” / Francia / 2020)
Kiko and the animals by Yawen Zheng (7’30” / Francia, Svizzera / 2020)
Là dove la notte by Francesco Filippini ( 12’41” /Italia / 2020)
L’enfant et l’oie by  Jade Chastan, Jérôme Ginesta, Sophie Lafleur, Alice Failla, Justine Hermetz, Vincent Lenne  (7’52”/Francia/2021)  – World premiere
Marmalade  by Radostina Neykova (5’/Bulgaria/2020)
Matilda and the Spare Head by Ignas Meilunas (13’09” / Lituania / 2020)
Migrants by Hugo Caby, Antoine Dupriez, Aubin Kubiak, Lucas Lermytte, Zoé Devise (8’22 / Francia / 2020)
Mitch-Match series #2 by Géza M. Tóth (2’34” / Ungheria / 2020)
Mum is pouring rain by Hugo de Faucompret  (29’/Francia/2021)
Nervous by Charmaine Ang (2’10” / USA/ 2021) –  Italian premiere
Patouille, des graines en parachute by Inès Bernard-Espina, Mélody Boulissiere, Clémentine Campos (6’10”/ Francia / 2021) – World premiere
Patterns by Tomoko Inaba (5’37” / Giappone / 2020) – Italian Premiere
The cat in the art park by Kim Herian (4’52”/ Corea/2020)
The Drive Zoo by Lucy Davidson (5’25”/Australia/2020) – World premiere
The ducks by Ángela Arregui  (6’51” / Spagna / 2021)
The Masked Avenger by Luna Strmotić (4’31” / Croazia / 2021)
Tonka will do it tomorrow by Morana Dolenc (7’16” / Croazia / 2021) – Italian premiere
Tourist Trap by Vera Van Wolferen (2’15” / Paesi Bassi / 2020)
Tulip by Andrea Love, Phoebe Wahl  (9’ / USA / 2021) – Italian premiere
Vanille by Guillaume Lorin (26’ / Francia / 2020)
Winter Sleep by Katerina Karhankova, Alexandra Majova (7’ / Repubblica Ceca / 2020) – Italian premiere