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Imaginaria Awards 2020

The International Jury composed by Regina Pessoa (Portugal), Roberto Catani (Italy) and Eric Rittatore (Italy) has selected the following winners of the 18th edition of Imaginaria:

Best Animated Short Film

by Theodore Ushev
′, Canada, 2019)


Motivation: Between novel and autobiography, a work that flows like an underground river, and which gradually reveals the author’s personal and very dense ‘tale of tales’. Individual and collective events, philosophical thoughts and history blend and re-shape each other, like colors and figures in the ancient and fascinating technique of encaustic, here perfectly functional to the language of animation.

Special Mentions

Special Mention of the Jury
for the artistic value of animation

Dreams into drawings “ by Koji Yamamura, Japan, 2019

Special Mention of the Jury
for the expressive and metaphorical effectiveness of the message

Lursaguak” by Izibene Onederra, Spain, 2019

Special Mention of the Jury
for the wonderful synergy between animation and sound

Freeze frame” by Soetkin Verstegen, Belgium/Germany, 2019
– sound designer by Andrea Martignoni and Michal Krajczok –

Best Animated Student Short Film

by Elisabetta Bosco, Margherita Giusti, Viola Mancini
6’51 | Italy | 2020)


Motivation: For the delicacy, the grace, but also the rhythm and irony, with which NECESSARY and VERY UP-TO-DATE stories of immigration and the HOPE of freedom are told; for the immediacy and effectiveness of the graphic language and animation, also able to avoid the trap of a didactic mannerism.

Special Mentions

Special Mention of the Jury
for the depth of the contents and the admirable animation technique“:

Daughter” by Daria Kashcheeva, Czech Republic, 2019

Special Mention of the Jury
for the expressive value and graphic quality

Such a beautiful town “ by Marta Koch, Poland, 2019

Special Mention of the Jury
“for the effective animation rendering of the cyclical and surreal language of comedy”

Jacques’ Rampage or When Do We Lose Our Self-confidence?
by Mate Horesnyi, Hungary, 2019

Imaginaria Kids Awards

The “Young Jury” composed by Chiara Iovane, Salvatore Leonida, Emmanuel Leserri, Afra Laviosa, Alessandro Natale Zupone, Maria Pia Mazzotta  has selected the following winners of  “Imaginaria Kids category”:

Best Animated Short Film For Kids

by Jose Prats e Alvaro Robles
| France | 2020)

Motivation: We were very impressed by the plot of “Umbrellas”. We also appreciated the sweetness of the little girl’s father so much. It was beautiful and exciting to observe how he, with his “umbrella beard”, a brilliant idea, protected her from the pouring rain, her greatest fear. All this gives the protagonist the strength to go on a journey to face and defeat her fears, making her find even the beloved dog who has suddenly been lost.

Special Mention

by Martin Smatana
|Czech Republic| 2019)

Motivation: In this short we really enjoyed the story, but we also liked the graphics which, in their simplicity, made the short film more original and colorful. We loved this short because the story of the grandfather and little grandson reminded us of the importance of the relationship with our grandparents.