IUNAE LUMEN – Special Opening

special opening
Imaginaria – animation film festival – XVII edition

πŸ“… August, 19 2019
πŸ“Œ Conversano, churchyard of the Cathedral

🎬 interactive videomapping by Igor Imhoff
🎼 live music by SubArdente


On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing the festival offers an unprecedented performance with interactive videomapping and live music in one of the most suggestive places in the historical center of Conversano, the churchyard of the Basilica-Cathedral.

Igor Imhoff
Independent artist who mainly deals with moving images and digital experimentation. The production relates various artistic skills such as painting, video, animation, video games, music. Such experiences have merged into interactivity and videomapping such as the re-enactment, at the Castello Svevo of the “Barletta challenge”, the interactive mapping “Prometheus, the poem of fire” at Palazzo Zenobio in Venice or the recent “Anafora”, animated and played live on the walls of the Basilica of Siponto in Manfredonia.
Numerous exhibitions and participations in festivals, exhibitions in Italy and abroad, in which he has often won awards.
He currently teaches Digital Applications for Art, Digital Animation Techniques and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. He is also professor of special effects and VR at the 1st level Master of Fine arts in filmmaking at the Ca Foscari University of Venice. To remember the collaboration with “La Fabbrica del Vedere” of the Carlo Montanaro Archive in Venice.

SubArdente is a collective that brings together Apulian and non-academic musicians, experts in the field of free musical improvisation.
The improvisational phenomenon that the collective marries, has its roots in the mid-1960s in the USA and in Europe, influenced by Free Jazz and contemporary music. It is an impromptu practice that is born with the intent to break down social conventions, and to deconstruct a pre-established idiomatic musical language. Free improvisation has as fundamental principles the ability to listen to one another between musicians, the public and the surrounding space and the mastery of musical techniques.
The SubArdente collective was born on the occasion of “REC, a small Conduction Festival” held at the Casa delle Arti in Conversano in September 2017.

L’ensamble per Imaginaria:

Giacomo Eramo β€” sax contralto
Simona Storelli β€” violino
Marialuisa Capurso β€” voce
Marta Gadaleta β€” voce
Michele Ciccimarra β€” batteria, percussioni e oggetti
Gianni Vancheri β€” clarinetto basso
Vittorino Curci β€” sax contralto
Antonio Valente β€” vibrafono
Gaetano Corallo β€” sax soprano, tenore
Giuseppe Pascucci β€” chitarra elettrica
Giovanni Cristino β€” synth
Giancarlo Pirro β€” chitarra elettrica
Mariasole de Pascali β€” flauti
Francesco Massaro β€” clarinetti, sax, elettronica
Walter Forestiere β€” batteria, percussioni e oggetti