Masterclass with Alessandro Sanna

Alessandro Sanna,
one of the most important names in contemporary Italian illustration, will be at Imaginaria – festival del cinema d’animazione – XVII edizione with a Masterclass with the title ” The sequential drawn narrative”.

In order to participate, it is necessary to fill in the application form at the following link:

Author and illustrator of books for children and adults, Sanna also teaches at the Bologna and Verona Fine Arts Academies. His images not only tell stories in books published the world over, but also become theatrical performances. He has won three Andersen Awards: in 2006 for the ‘best artistically crafted book’; in 2009 for ‘best illustrator’; and in 2014 with the silentbook Fiume lento. Un viaggio lungo il Po’, for the ‘best picturebook’. Published by Rizzoli in Italy Fiume Lento was also released in China, Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, and the USA. His numerous awards include in 2014 the Premio Lo Straniero of the journal of the same name directed by Goffredo Fofi.
Sanna works with numerous publishing houses such as Einaudi, Emme, MeMo, Corraini, and Mondadori as well as with magazines such as Gioia and the French edition of Vanity Fair.
Among his teaching and children’s-publishing projects, Mano Felice, published by Franco Cosimo Panini, is a creative art experience aimed at encouraging very young children to draw as a means of learning through play; and his most recent work includes Essere o non essere Shakespeare published by Corraini. In 2016, he was the Italian candidate for the Hans Christian Andersen Award short list. Sanna exhibits his work in collective and solo exhibitions. He also holds illustration workshops for adults.

Alessandro Sanna about the  Masterclass:

Drawing is a pleasure.

A meeting focused on the pleasure of drawing.
What do you draw with? The tool can make the difference but in essence it is our mind that chooses and organizes what path to take with the sign and how to manage it in space.
I will try to give suggestions by giving examples to draw while having fun without forgetting that to draw you must have courage:
Courage to wrong
Courage to change
Courage to try
Courage to try again
Courage not to throw in the towel
Courage to accept advice
Courage to go home and hang the work done on the wall