Matite x Riace – special exhibition

This year at the festival there will be several exhibitions of different authors from the world of animation and illustration.

We will also host a special exhibition called Pencils for Riace.

Pencils for Riace has been a real CALL TO THE ARTS, open illustrators and cartoonists with the aim of collecting the works of those authors who have decided to contribute to supporting Mimmo Lucano and his work of integration of solidarity.
With over 500 drawings from every corner of Italy but also from France, Spain, Germany, England and Iraq, signed by illustrators and cartoonists, they responded to the call. The initiative was born from the Caracol Art Gallery, a gallery of illustration in Turin, after the arrest of the mayor of Riace, Mimmo Lucano. He first created the Facebook page, and then the Instagram page, Pencils for Riace by launching a call to the arts: in a few days, the page has grown exponentially, surpassing the six thousand likes in just over a month and involving professional and non-professional designers.
Everyone has decided to give their support to the cause, making their designs available.
At Imaginaria 100 tables will be exhibited and put on sale by leading Italian illustrators and cartoonists, the proceeds of which will go to support the #iostoconriace collection of the Re.Co.Sol – Network of Solidarity Municipalities.