MAUA at Imaginaria festival

MAUA – Museum of Urban Art in Augmented Reality

A widespread museum, open-air, out of the usual paths, outside the center, to discover works of street art and surprising murals, neighborhood by neighborhood.

Once on site, the experience continues in digital form: framed with the smartphone, the work is transformed into a digital art work, animated in augmented reality.

It will be possible to explore the neighborhoods of Palermo, Milan and Turin together with MAUA Museum of Urban Art. A participated project, which in every city where it was created has come to involve hundreds of people including neighborhood residents, students, street artists and digital creatives.

MAUA is a new model of museum, widespread and participatory, founder of many other technological museums of the future, which will want to give life to innovative ways of fruition and exploitation, accessible to a wide public and open to the territory.

MAUA is a project created by BEPART – the Public Imagination Movement an innovative Milanese start-up that fills the city with art, design, video, sound and words, through augmented reality and that allows anyone to create and install content or simply enjoy it in urban spaces through their own smartdevice and through special viewers. Redesigning urban scenarios through the fusion of digital content within real environments, allows us to go beyond physical barriers in favor of the conceptual and relational value of the message, thus stimulating a dynamic reflection on reality. Bepart works on the emerging properties of the evolution of new technologies, media, art and concepts such as “infosfera”, “prototipazione” and “digital environment”, to enhance a new type of content, in step with contemporary fruition. Installations, contests, redevelopment of urban spaces, augmented exhibitions, art challenges, are just some of the projects that this new language allows. The business idea was born in the summer of 2013 at the hands of the three founding partners, determined and united in a brain-storming activity to merge their experiences and intuitions into a single idea without compromises and with a high social impact. The idea wins IC Cariplo Cultural Innovation Innovation and is established on 16 July 2014. Today Bepart has the best technologies in the field of augmented and virtual reality and boasts numerous collaborations with prestigious partners. Bepart is a scalable project that wants to create connections between the different cities of the world allowing anyone to draw and spread its contents.