Special Program 2021

Playa Imaginaria

Wednesday 25 August | Cloister of San Giuseppe | from 20.30 to 23.30

In Conversano there is no sea. So why not imagine it, I said to myself. Thus was born the idea of ​​PLAYA IMAGINARIA: playing a little with the name of the festival and with the title of a summer hit from the 80s. Combining words, connecting many references settled in my mind: the Italian summer immortalized by Claude Nori and Luigi Ghirri; “Sun & Sea”, winning performance installation at the 58th Venice Biennale of Contemporary Art; the summer memories of my childhood and above all a handful of short animated works that I had accumulated over the years, hoping – one day – to curate a special program that focused on summer beaches. The heat of the controra, the bathing rituals, the weather that in summer seems a mirage for the eyes and the limbs: “the daily experience feeds on the imagination, continuously crossing and forming a single mythological substance” wrote Teo Hernandez . Perhaps, there is no more explanatory phrase for PLAYA IMAGINARIA: it will be a program halfway between a site-specific installation and the illusion of an immersive and all-encompassing experience. It will be as if in Conversano there were the sea.


  • A warmy salty wind by Maria Korzhova, Maria Laricheva, Sofia Petrova (2’03”/Russian federation/2020)
  • Heatwave by Fokion Xenos (7’14”/Germany/2019)
  • Beach by Paweł Prewencki  (4’/Poland/2013 )
  • Five minutes to sea by Natalia Mirzoyan (7’07”/Russian Federation/2018)
  • At the mouth of summer di Xinxin Liu (5’49”/Japan/2016)
  • Memory of the summer ’74 di György Kovásznai (9’/Hungary/1974)
  • Towels by Prawta Annez (4’46”/UK/2018)
  • Miramare by Michaela Müller (8’31”/Croatia/2009)
  • Indice 50 by Joseph Guené, Alexandre Belmudes, Damien Clef, Sylvain Amblard, Mégame Fumel, Mathieu Peters-Houg (5’51”/France/2016)
  • The tourists by Malcolm Sutherland (3’/Canada/2007)
  • Il s’est passé quelque chose by Anne Larricq (8’11”/France/2018)