Regina Pessoa and Abi Feijó at Imaginaria 2019

Regina Pessoa & Abi Feijó – Personal Exhibition – 25 years of animation cinema

Regina Pessoa, one of the most representative figures of the new international animation cinema, will be present at the 17th edition of Imaginaria to present her latest work “Uncle Tomás, Accounting of Days” with her partner and artist Abi Feijó.

25 years of their long artistic career condensed into a special and unpublished exhibition in Italy set up inside the exhibition spaces of the Castello D’Aragona. The exhibition will guide us through the meticulous and fascinating work of Abi Feijó and Regina Pessoa, two Portuguese artists who have always been passionate about animation cinema. Both have developed their creative process by penetrating the material in search of light, through the sand and carving chalk or paper. Although their processes are made by hand, they sometimes resort to digital, without neglecting the poetic and expressive finishes. In these twenty-five years, Abi Feijó and Regina Pessoa have actively contributed to the development of authorial animation in Portugal, obtaining some of the most prestigious international awards. The exhibition brings together the original drawings of the films and some materials and objects of production of the films “The Raiders”, “Clandestine”, “Lusitanian Fate”, “The Night”, “Tragic Story with a Happy Ending”, “Kali” and Uncle Tomás, Accounting of Days”, as well as to various optical devices of the pre-cinema era, coming from their museum – Casa Museu Avilar -, with which the public can interact.