Schedule 2021


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Complex of St. Benedict – h. 9:30 pm – ticket 3€
with collaboration of Isia Urbino, Magda Guidi and Mara Cerri (teachers of the “Short Animated” course of the two-year course in Illustration of Isia Urbino)

Over the years, the city of Urbino has seen the formation of numerous internationally acclaimed animated filmmakers. It all originated at the Art School “School of the Book” where, in 1951, the animated drawing section was born. This tradition, then consolidated over the years, has been preserved and handed down from generation to generation by various authors who in more recent times have also begun to be formed at the ISIA Urbino (Higher Institute for Artistic Industries), considered the most important state institution in Italy for graphic and editorial design. The ISIA training course consists of a three-year degree course in Graphic Design and Visual Communication and three master’s degree courses in Communication, Design and Publishing, Photography of Cultural Heritage and Illustration. Among the teachings of the MA in Illustration we also find the Short Animated course I held by Magda Guidi and II held by Mara Cerri, both with years of experience as illustrators and directors of animated films. In the design dimension that characterizes the school and in order to create an orderly and effective course of study in the process of conceiving, designing and making a short film, the Corto Animato course is preceded by scriptwriting and video-editing courses, held respectively by Professors Federica Iacobelli and Massimo Salvucci. At the end of the course, during the exam, students present a short animated film lasting at least 30 seconds, with the technique of their choice. The purpose of the course, however, goes beyond the purely technical exercise: among the objectives of Cerri and Guidi, there is above all that of broadening the cognitive horizon to the entire international panorama of auteur animation cinema, from its beginnings up to our days. The focus is especially on hand-made animation, using traditional techniques: techniques that have made the style of many authors included in the so-called “Neopictoric Current” unmistakable, many of whom come from ISIA and the Urbino School of Books. . During each lesson a selection of films is projected, preceded and followed by insights on the authors, the techniques used, the narrative, poetic and stylistic contents. Many of the films made by the students, albeit short, are increasingly being selected by Italian and international animation festivals.

Imaginaria dedicates a focus to the Short Animated course with a program that includes both the very short study exercises of the first year and the diploma shorts of the second year, showing how, through a well-structured educational and artistic path, the student is educated to observation and analysis of visual facts and the elaboration of a gaze intended as a form of thought and as a writing with multiple narrative possibilities. (edited by Magda Guidi, Mara Cerri and Maria Pia Santillo)

*With Magda Guidi, Mara Cerri and Benedetta Fasson


  • Tra le foglie by Giada Franceschelli  (0’51”)
  • Late by Gabriele Genova (1’20”/ )
  • Dentro lo specchio by Veruska Ceruolo (0’54”)
  • Space exagon by Gianluca Patti (0’39”)
  • Mentre tu dormi by Sara Paternicò (1’15”)
  • The ballad of the thief by  Niccolò Cedeno  (1’30”)
  • Sospeso by Martina Venturini (3′)
  • In memoria di te by Giacomo Passanisi (2’14”)
  • Girls talk about football by Paola Sorrentino (8′)
  • Mare n’gannatore by Carola  Pignati (4’31”)
  • L’uomo che scambiò sua moglie per un cappello by Benedetta Fasson (6’16”)

Complex of St. Benedict – h.10:30 pm – ticket 3€
Official Selection STUDENT SHORT FILM

  • The Bond by Miljana Tešović  (6’30”/ Serbia / 2020)
  • Once upon a time in Israel by Weronika Szyma (10’44” / Polonia / 2021) Italian Premiere
  • Would you please?  by Ada Guvenir (5’ /Belgio /2020)
  • Nuisibles by Juliette Laboria (6’30”/Francia / 2021) Italian Premiere
  • Inside by Viktorie Stepànovà (5’40”/Repubblica Ceca / 2020) Italian Premiere
  • Megamall by Aline Schoch (4’ / Svizzera/ 2020)
  • Jeroboam by Bianca Caderas (7’11”/ Germania/ 2020) Italian Premiere
  • Grass Room by Yiqiao Lan (5’17” / Regno Unito / 2021) Italian Premiere

Complex of St. Benedict – h.11:30 pm – ticket 3€

  • It’s all the salt’s fault by Maria Cristina Pérez (10’/Colombia/2020)
  • Salvia at Nine by Jang Nari (6’40”/Corea/2020) Italian Premiere
  • Noir-Soleil by Marie Larrivé (20’24”/Francia/2021) Italian Premiere
  • The Swallow di Eleonora Gambula (8’44”/Italia/2021) Italian Premiere
  • Dat’s real good? by Marc Faye (5’/Francia/2021)
  • Sogni al campo di Mara Cerri, Magda Guidi (8’40”/Italia,Francia/2020)


Sturzo square – h.9.30 pm – restricted free access
Official Selection SHORT FILM FOR KIDS

  • The cat in the art park by Kim Herian (4’52”/ Corea/2020)
  • Kiko and the animals by Yawen Zheng (7’30” / France, Swiss / 2020)
  • Là dove la notte by Francesco Filippini ( 12’41” /Italy / 2020)
  • The Masked Avenger by Luna Strmotić (4’31” / Croatia / 2021)
  • A stone in the shoe by Eric Montchaud  (11’28” / France/ 2020)
  • Tulip by Andrea Love, Phoebe Wahl  (9’ / USA / 2021) Italian Premiere

Sturzo square – h. 10.30 pm – restricted free access
Les Mal-Aimés  by Hélène Ducrocq  (40’/ France/2020 –  Citron Bien)
Our planet is teeming with life and we have a duty to protect it. But can this safeguard exist or be effective even when we ignore the role and functioning of most of the species, or rather, of those that most frighten us? This program of 4 short films shows with sweetness and tenderness the universe of some of these “unloved” animals to which stories and legends or simply prejudices have unfortunately given a bad name.

  • LUPIN (11’/2020/cut-out)
    A young wolf ventures out of his lair for the first time without his mother’s knowledge. Lost, frightened, he finds refuge in a village garden. Jeanne, Gaston and Louis, the children of the hunters, discover it and decide to bring it back home.
  • HOW I OVERCOME MY FEAR OF SPIDERS (9’/2020/2D animation)
    Are you afraid of spiders? Because Dédalia is afraid of humans! She is a house spider. With her best friend, they dream of going to New York … not easy for Dédalia: New York is full of humans!
  • MARAUDE & MURPHY (8’/ 2020 / cut-out, 2D)
    Maraud gets lost in the storm, Murphy comes out of his cave to help him find his home and munch on mosquitoes … A normal night for two bats!
  • LAND OF EARTHWORM (8’/ 2019/ 2D)
    Do you know what earthworms sing? Why, yes, they sing. She puts her ear to the grass and listen! “All naked, all sticky, all crawling / Legless, clawless and toothless / We dig without malice for your benefit / At your service and without artifice / We are earthworms, friends and solidarity!”