Schedule 2021


Cloister of San Giuseppe – h 8.30/11.00 pm – ticket 3€
Site-specific Cinema
In Conversano there is no sea. So why not imagine it, I said to myself. Thus was born the idea of ​​PLAYA IMAGINARIA: playing a little with the name of the festival and with the title of a summer hit from the 80s. Combining words, connecting many references settled in my mind: the Italian summer immortalized by Claude Nori and Luigi Ghirri; “Sun & Sea”, winning performance installation at the 58th Venice Biennale of Contemporary Art; the summer memories of my childhood and above all a handful of short animated works that I had accumulated over the years, hoping – one day – to curate a special program that focused on summer beaches. The heat of the controra, the bathing rituals, the weather that in summer seems a mirage for the eyes and limbs: “the daily experience feeds on the imagination, continuously crossing and forming a single mythological substance” wrote Teo Hernandez . Perhaps, there is no more explanatory phrase for PLAYA IMAGINARIA: it will be a program halfway between a site-specific installation and the illusion of an immersive and all-encompassing experience. It will be as if in Conversano there were the sea. (edited by Maria Pia Santillo)


  • A warmy salty wind by Maria Korzhova, Maria Laricheva, Sofia Petrova (2’03”/Russian Federation /2020)
  • Heatwave by Fokion Xenos (7’14”/Germany/2019)
  • Beach by Paweł Prewencki  (4’/Polonia/2013 )
  • Five minutes to sea by Natalia Mirzoyan (7’07”/Russian Federation/2018)
  • At the mouth of Summer by Xinxin Liu (5’49”/Japan/2016)
  • Towels by Prawta Annez (4’46”/UK/2018)
  • Miramare by Michaela Müller (8’31”/Croatia/2009)
  • Indice 50 by Joseph Guené, Alexandre Belmudes, Damien Clef, Sylvain Amblard, Mégame Fumel, Mathieu Peters-Houg (5’51”/France/2016)
  • The tourists by Malcolm Sutherland (3’/Canada/2007)
  • Il s’est passé quelque chose by Anne Larricq (8’11”/France/2018)
  • Memory of the summer of ’74 by György Kovásznai (10’/Hungary/1974)

Complex of St. Benedict – h 21:30 pm – ticket 3€
Official Selection STUDENT SHORT FILM

  • Pronta by Alessia Angelini (3’50”/UK/2021)
  • Bye Little Block! by Eva Darabos  (8’42”/Hungary/ 2020)
  • Underwater Love by Veronica Martiradonna, Andrea Falzone e Cristina Fiore (6’ / Italy /2021)
  • Pines by Sébastien Baillou (7’ / Belgium / 2020)
  • My fat arse and I by Yelyzaneta Psysmak (10’18”/Poland/2020)
  • Les Yeux Grands Ouverts by Laura Passalacqua (5’40” / France / 2020) Italian Premiere
  • The Frolic by Yi-Han Jhao (4’34” / Taiwan / 2020) Italian Premiere
  • Five minutes older by Sara Szymanska (5’57” /Poland/2020) Italian Premiere

Complex of St. Benedict – h 10:30 pm – ticket 3€

  • They Dance With Their Heads by Thomas Corriveau (8’27”/Canada/2021)
  • Night Bus by Hsieh Joe (20’/Taiwan/2020)
  • Machinal by David Bombardier (5’35”/Canada/2020)
  • Prince in a pastry shop by Katarzyna Agopsowicz (16’05”/Poland /2020) Italian Premiere
  • Hide by Daniel Gray (11’/Ungheria,Francia, Canada/2020) Italian Premiere

Complex of St. Benedict – h 11:30 pm – ticket 3€
FEATURE FILM – “FLEE” by  Jonas Poher Rasmussen
(80’/France, Denmark, Sweden, Norway/2021/V.O.S.I)
Grand Prize at Sundance’s World Cinema Documentary and Cristallo for Best Feature Film at Annecy International Animated Film Festival, “Flee” (2021) directed by Jonas Poher Rasmussen, internationally co-produced and based on a true story, documents the story of Amin Nawabi , a successful university researcher, grappling with a painful secret kept under wraps for 20 years about his past as a refugee and refugee. The masterful idea of using animation to tell such a painfully current story makes this film a unicuum in the panorama of animated feature films of all time.


Sturzo square – h 9.30 pm – restricted free access
Official Selction SHORT FILM FOR KIDS

  • Tourist Trap by Vera Van Wolferen (2’15” / Paesi Bassi / 2020)
  • Vanille by Guillaume Lorin (26’ / Francia / 2020)
  • Juan Viento by Carlos Farina (4’23” / Argentina / 2020)
  • L’enfant et l’oie by Jade Chastan, Jérôme Ginesta, Sophie Lafleur, Alice Failla, Justine Hermetz, Vincent Lenne  (7’52”/Francia/2021) World Premiere
  • Bémol by Oana Lacroix (5’47” / Svizzera / 2021)
  • Griffure by Julien Piau (6’ / Francia / 2021) Italian Premiere
  • Che meraviglia! di by Mira Video – Milena Tipaldo, Alessandra Atzori (1’20” / Italia / 2020)

Sturzo square – h 22.30 pm – restricted free access
Czech courts with collaboration of NFA – Národní filmový Archiv Prague
Imaginaria dedicates a special program for children and families to twentieth-century Czech animation cinema with short works by Ludvík Kadleček and Hermina Týrlová, two of the leading exponents of twentieth-century Czech animation. Týrlová, often referred to as the mother of Czech animation, has produced over 60 animated short films for children over the course of her career using puppets and the technique of stop motion animation; Kadleček, lead figure of the Zlìn animation film studio and set designer of many short films directed by Týrlová, made his debut with the film “Why is the giraffe crying? (Proč Pláče Zirafa, 1960), the first example of the use of a folding book in animated cinema and has also worked with techniques such as claymation and stop motion. The program sees the collaboration of the Národní filmový archiv (NFA) – the Czech National Film Archive – one of the 10 oldest and largest film archives in the world, whose mission is to preserve film heritage, promote public understanding and facilitate the development of the Czech audiovisual industry and film culture. (edited by Ma


  • Perché la giraffa piange? (Proč pláče žirafa) di Ludvík Kadleček (9’, 1960)
  • Due sfere (Dvě klubíčka) di Hermína Týrlová (8’14”, 1962)
  • Il marmo di vetro (Kulička) di Hermína Týrlová (9’, 1963)
  • Gatti topo (Myší kočičiny) di Ludvík Kadleček (8’, 1987)
  • Racconto giocattolo (Autíčková romance) di Ludvík Kadleček (11’, 1990)