Solo Exhibition of Virginia Mori

From 23 to 28 August | former Church of San Giuseppe | Vernissage 23.08 – h. 19.30 |
Born in 1981, he lives and works between Pesaro and Milan. You studied animation and design at the Urbino State Institute of Art. During this time she has nurtured and honed her peculiar artistic imagination. Her favorite mediums are pencil, ink and ballpoint pen on paper. In 2008 you won the “SRG idee suisse” award at the “Call for project of Annecy” during the International Animation Festival in Annecy, France. This allowed her to produce her first short film, “The game of silence”, which won nominations and awards in international events, starting her career as an illustrator and director of animated short films. At the same time he worked as a freelancer for a number of clients and galleries such as Withstand (Milan), for which he created the illustrations for the video “The Walt Grace submarine test, January 1967” by John Mayer directed by Virgilio Villoresi and the famous animated book “Vento”, Blu Gallery (Bologna), Fendi (Rome), Valentino (Milan), Galleria Disastro (Milan) and 25Films (Paris), Club Sensible Gallery (Paris), Pelledoca publisher (Milan), Penguin Random House (Spain), EL Editions, Vogue Arts, Feltrinelli publisher, Bollati and Boringhieri. (

The personal exhibition in Conversano curated by Imaginaria Festival consists of a wide selection of prints of her works made from 2010 to today.
The exhibition will remain open until Saturday 28 August from 18.00 to 23.00.