Tito and the birds @ Imaginaria 2019

Tito and the Birds is an extraordinary film about a boy and his journey to save the world from an “epidemic of fear”, in which people start to get sick if they suddenly get scared. Tito is a shy 10-year-old boy who lives a normal life that he spends with his two best friends, the struggles against school bullies at school and the presence of his neurotic mother at home. After the fright epidemic spreads, Tito starts searching for the antidote. He discovers that the cure is somehow linked to his father’s research, centered on the songs sung by birds. His father is in fact an inventor who had to leave his home when his son was only 6 years old. The search for the antidote thus also becomes the search for the deceased father as well as for his own identity. The film is both the discovery of the child about what is right and how to overcome one’s fears.

Tito and Birds (Tito and os Pássaros) Brazil, 73 ‘, 2018 Directed by Gabriel Bitar, André Catoto, Gustavo Steinberg
The ten-year-old Tito loves helping his father, the scientist Rufus, with the inventions that so much skepticism generates in his mother. The day Tito is wounded by a machine that can understand the birds, the mother decides that the time has come to live far from Rufus. Years later, people begin to get sick due to the spread of an epidemic generated, according to Tito, by fear. Mindful of his father’s studies, Tito knows that the cure lies in the singing of birds. Overcoming all his fears, he decides with his friends Sarah and Buiù to go in search of his father to complete the research left pending before it’s too late.