International 2021

Hold Me Tight

In the heart of a dark forest, while hunting, two silhouettes meet. These creatures move like predators, they attract and repel each other, seducing each other during an explosive parade. “Hold Me Tight” is a flamboyant and bitter romance where the violent attraction of the characters puts them in danger.

Directors: Mélanie Robert-Tourneur
Production (month/year): 01/2021
Duration: 6 minutes
Nationality: Belgium, France

Animation: Lora D’Aaddazio, Eve Deroeck, Nicolas Fong, Camiel Hermans
Script: Mélanie Robert-Tourneur
Set: Mélanie Robert-Tourneur
Castings: Manue Deplace, Antoine Boucherikha
Film editor: Liyo Gong
Sound engineer: Thomas Rouvillin
Sound editor: Antoine Boucherikha
Mix: Studio NextSound Lab
Soundtrack: Lucas Verreman

Production Company: Vivi Film NV
CO-Production Company: La Clairière Ouest
Distribution: Miyu Distribution