The Jury of Imaginaria 2016

piotrPiotr Kardas is a cultural animator, initiator and coordinator of various cultural and artistic projects. He studied Film Theory and New Media at University of Łódź. In 2010 he started working for Se-ma-for Film Production as a chief distributor and Se-ma-for Film Foundation. He was a program director of two first editions of Se-Ma-For Film Festival. Initiator and program director of the Se-Ma-For European/Asian Express 2011 and Se-Ma-For FF On Tour. He also initiated and coordinated an Animation Section & Competition at ARS INDEPENDENT International Film Festival in Katowice. In February 2012 he founded an independent company & cultural project focusing on distribution and promotion of animated films – Animation Across Borders.

elif2Elif Nursad Atalay. She was born in Istanbul at 1979 and artist now actively engaged in the visual arts. Works in private collections located in Sultanahmet constantly exhibited in the Art Gallery. It also has a personal work in this place again. His works has been involved in various exhibitions at the since childhood.

Some of them, and her work: In 1992 Fransa, Chateau De Avrille Anger Group Exhibition, In 1996 in Istanbul, Art Gallery Sultanahmet Group Exhibition, In 2001, Completed his education at the University of Uludag and then moved to Istanbul, In 2001 in Bursa, Uludag Universty Art Gallery, “Ballı Ekmek Üzerindeki Sinekler “- Personal Exhibition and Screenings. In 2001 Izmit, ‘IV. Izmit International Street Theatre Festival’ – Personal Exhibition, VonMagnet, Group / Project in France – Group work – Picture Performance In 2002 Istanbul, Ziraat Bank- Tunnel at Art Gallery- Personal Exhibition, In 2003 Istanbul, GaleriX, Video Festival – Screenings, In 2003, She began working at Leman(humor magazıne). In 2007 Hollanda B&W Bereboomen Wijffelsbeeldhouw Art Gallery – Personal Exhibition:

In 2008 Dubai “ Gulf art fair” group painting exhibition. In 2011 Los Angeles THE CODE Exhibition, Gallery EXPO, Los Angeles, LongBeach-Group Exhibition, In 2011, artist began working in the magazine of Bayan Yanı. Also ‘ Babam ve Ustam’- (My Father and My Master ) continues to meet every month at the comic book readers


Vito Savino was born in 1975 in Conversano, in the province of Bari.
As a child proves to have great talent with pencil and great passion for music. After school, during free time, he is working as a craftsman and carpenter with his father to cultivate his artistic dream; plays football with friends and likes to scribble anything having to hand. It undertakes studying double bass and attended music courses along with the maestro Giovanni Lenoci, with whom he continues to collaborate.

At the age of twenty-two he moved to Milan where he attended the painting course at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera. In 2006 he graduated with honors with a thesis on “water-painting Painting with water. From Imperial Japan at the Pratt comic “. It specializes in Rome in art therapy with the address in the “construction of the image.”

In 2008 he decided to return to his native country, where he currently lives and works. In addition to working with painting and illustration, from 2009 to 2012 he collaborates with Dr. Carmela Gentile within psychiatric wards developing a laboratory path of art therapy. Since 2012 he collaborates with the international animation film festival “Imaginaria” Realizing the poster.

The human figure, landscape and objects, especially musical instruments, have a central role in his works. Mixes languages and situations in the most absolute freedom evoking a dreamlike time. Its continuous research and experimentation aimed at capturing a timeless beauty, away from fads and temporary.