Masterclass with Igor Imhoff

Hybrid Animation with Igor Imhoff

A masterclass where Igor tells us about his artistic and professional career.
Possible alternatives to the moving image and visual experimentation.
When the concept of animation, often linked to animation film circuits, also moves to other areas: video games, video art and interactive installations.
When digital practice blends with craftsmanship and design.

Igor Imhoff
Born in San Giovanni Rotondo (FG) in 1976, lives in Venice. His research focuses on memory and symbolism: the meticulous recovery of the memories of cave paintings, ancient legends, dreamlike microcosms, are combined with craftsmanship and technology. The hand-penned sketches on paper, introjected by the hardware and digested by the software, re-emerge on the screen to become collective memories in motion, which evoke the symbols and suggestions of contemporary language, thus conveying the dreams and nightmares of a mankind out of time. He took part in a large number of exhibitions at major institutions in Italy and abroad and in animation film festivals, and has collaborated with the most important Italian academies and schools of graphic and design. Among the awards received: Memorie e Microcosmi for the “Progetto Accade” at Giudecca 795, of which he is a permanent artist, the Circuito Off 2009 in Venice and the Roma Art Video Festival.

Imaginaria – International Animation Film Festival
August, 22/27 – 15th edition