IFF2013 the program

Imaginaria Film Festival – 11th edition

Tuesday 20, august 

“Lemon garden” of the monumental complex of Saint Benedict
h.21.15 – “Diamo voce alla legalità” competition for spots by the association “Venti di Scambio”

Medieval cloister of St. Benedict
h 21.15 – Opening
h.21.45 – Short Films – competitive section

Zibì e Amì by Pierluca Di Pasquale, Italy, 2012, dur. 5’
Playday by Victor Santos, Portugal, 2012, dur. 5’44”
Meglio se stai zitta by Elena Bauryka, Italy, 2013, dur. 15’
Mi Ojo Derecho by Josecho De Linares, Spain, 2012, dur. 13’
Not Less Than 50kg  by Maryna Artemenko, Ukraine, dur. 12’07” – AN
The Labyrinth by Mathieu Labaye, Belgium, 2013, dur. 9’20” – AN
On/Off by Piotr Ludwik, Poland, 2013, dur. 6’27” – AR
Any Other Man by Luis Soares, Portugal, 2012, dur.11’10” – AR
Despejado by Jotoni, Spain, 2011, dur.1
Linear by Amir Admoni, Brazil, 2012, dur. 6’ – AR
Eideann by Alvaro Granados, Spain, dur.5’

Special Event
h.23.00 – Film screening: CHICO & RITA – AR – by Tono Errando, Javier Mariscal, Fernando Trueba (V.O.S.I.)
A love story in time to the Latin jazz in Cuba forties. A work of passion and refined in which the pace of events is marked by amazing music composed by the legendary Bebo Valdés. Chosen as the opening film of the prestigious Festival d’Annecy, won the European Film Awards and the Goya for Best animated film to win the Academy members who have placed among the five animated films for Oscars 2012 even preferring it to Spielberg’s Tintin.

Wednesday 21, august

Medieval cloister of St. Benedict
h.21.00 – Short Films – competitive section

The Search For Inspiration Gone by Ashley Briggs Briggs, UK, 2012, dur. 9’ – AR
Body Language by Jonathan Rio, France, 2012, dur. 20’ – AR
Le Hérisson De Verre by  Jean-Sébastien Bernard, France, 2013, dur. 10’ – AN
Exit by P. Botías and Ángel De Haro, Spain, 2012, dur. 2’ – AN
Second Wind by Sergey Tsyss, Russia, 2012, dur. 7’ – AR
What Happens When Children Don’t Eat Soup by Pawel Prewencki, Poland, dur. 8’ – AR
Afternoon by Izabela Plucinska, Poland, dur. 2’ – AR
The Penguin by Annette Jung, Germany, 2012, 7’15” – AN
Aperture by Amir Mehran, Iran, 2012, dur. 7’ – AN
Valentine by Mattia Francesco Laviosa, Italy, 2013, dur. 5’02” – AR
Through You by Lucette Braune, The Netherlands, 2012, dur. 7’55” – AR

Special event
h. 22.30 – LA TELA ANIMATA (Le Tableau) – AR – by Jean-François Laguionie
The film chronicles the adventures of a group of characters who leave their paintings to go in search of the artist who created them. Made of mixed media, with two-dimensional animation sequences inserted in environments in computer graphics, its production lasted five years. Nominated for Best Animated Feature at the 37th edition of the César Awards.

“Lemon garden” of the monumental complex of Saint Benedict
h.22.30 – Screening DOC
FEDELE ALLA LINEA by Germano Maccioni
The saga of human and artistic Giovanni Lindo Ferretti to restore the complexity of a character that still triggers feelings and conflicting opinions.

Tuesday 22, august

Medieval cloister of St. Benedict

h.21.00 – Short Films – competitive section

La Strada di Raffael by Alessandro Falco, Italy, 2013, dur. 20’ – AR
Seguimi by Matteo Todini, Italy, 2013, dur. 12’ – AR
Time 2 Split by Fabrice Bracq, France, 2012, dur. 5’ – AR
Diagnostic by Fabrice Bracq, France, 2013, dur. 8’ – AN
Split Time by Fabrice Bracq, France, 2012, dur. 3’ – AR
Farmer Jack by A.Wilschut, The Netherlands, 2012, dur. 13’30” – AN
How Dave and Emma got Pregnant by J. Lieuwma, The Neatherlands, 2012, due. 6’50” – AR
Self Portrait by T. Coltof, The Neatherlands, 2012, dur.06’36” – AN
Snap by Thomas G. Murphy, Belgium, 2012, dur. 7’ – AR
Reverie by V.Gagarin and S. Wong, Germany, 2012, dur. 13’ – AR
Collectors by Marcel Hobi, Switzerland, 2013, dur. 5’ – AR

h.22.45 – Special event
ALICE (Něco z Alenky) by Jan Svankmajer
Surrealist masterpiece of 1988 conducted by the czechoslovak Jan Svankmajer. Revisit the classic stories by Lewis Carroll (Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, and What Alice Found There) with an original style: while the novels are bizarre and light, Alice looks like a more dark and desolate picture of the saga of the “Alice in Wonderland”.

Friday 23, august

Medieval cloister of St. Benedict
h.21.00 – Short Films – competitive section

Death of a shadow by Tom Van Avermaet, Belgium, 2012, dur. 20’ – AR
Honeymoon Suite by Zao Wang, China, 2012, dur. 14’ – AN
Hotel by Jose Luis Alemàn, Spain, 2012, dur. 11’ – AR
Spaghetti for Two by Matthias Rosenberger, Germany, 2011, due. 18’ – AR
L’amore è nell’aria by Werther Germondari e Maria Spagnoli, Italy, 2010, dur. 14’
Altneuland by Sariel Keslasi, Israel, 2012, dur. 7’ – AR
Happily Ever After by Ben Genislaw, Israel, 2012, due. 7’ – AR
Black by Ivan  Zolotukhin, Russia, 2013, dur. 3’ – AN
Adelante by Pablo Conde, Argentina, 2012, dur. 3’ – AR
Avec le temps by Ivan Diaz Barriuso, Spain, 2012, dur. 5’ – AR
Beerbug by Ander Mendia, Spain, 2012, dur. 7’ – AR

h.22.30 – meetings author: Giuseppe Laselva
Visual Designer and Video Artist, an expert in Motion Graphic, formed between Urbino and Bari
Imaginaria presents a retrospective of the work done.

h.23.00 – Special event: Mutosonoro
The loadger di Alfred Hitchcock (1927)
It is considered by its author “the first true Hitchcock film.”
Suspense, lability of the boundary between good and evil, absolute simplification of the narrative mechanisms are the brands that will become the signature style of the “master of suspense.” The film had an enthusiastic reception from the press and from the public cueing up from noon to midnight. A major newspaper, the “Bioscope”, September 16, 1926, judged the film “perhaps the best British production of all time”
Accompanied by live music  Space Rumors.

Saturday 24, august

Medieval cloister of St. Benedict
h.21.00 – Short Films – competitive section

The Crononaut by Désirée Haupts, Spain, 2012, dur. 14’ – AR
Ephemeral by Diego Modino, Spain, 2012, dur. 18’ – AR
Lea by Dario Gorini, Italy, 2012, dur. 15’
Il passo della lumaca by Daniele Suraci, Italy, 2013, dur. 6’25” – AR
Cortometraje Leo Creciente by Rubén Mateo-Romero, Spain, 2012, dur. 9’ – AR
El Ruido del Mundo by Coke Riobóo, Spain, 2013, dur. 13’ – AR
Openit by Moe Koyano, Japan, 2012, dur. 5’ – AN
Ouch by Fred Joyeux, France, 2013, dur. 3’ – AN
BIGMUNDIAL by Maurice Huvelin, France, 2013, dur. 3’ – AR
BIGEETY by Maurice Huvelin, France, 2013, dur. 3’ – AR

h.22.30 – Awards 2013

h.22.40 – Special event
Retrospective Simone Massi
Projection of all his work and meeting with the author.
He was born in Pergola, in the province of Pesaro and Urbino, he studied film animation at the School of Art in Urbino.
It is considered one of the greatest animators and illustrators at the international level, with assets of more than 200 awards in major festivals.

“Lemon garden” of the monumental complex of Saint Benedict
h.23.15 – Closing concert with LE LOUP GAROU